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I'm calling it now, the game is dead.

Is there a way to fix flash, as flash is dead, i do wanna play this

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Hi! I'm a russian fan of this game, and, first of all, I would like to note magnificent language, in which the story was written. An art and animations are also gorgeous, but the descriptions of Lilith's adventures drew me in so deep, that at some point I found myself with my hand holding dictionary instead of my manhood  - being fascinated by story and the way it was written, I didn't expect it will drive me so far away from my initial intentions.

One of my hobbies is translating english games to my native language, Russian. My biggest project was another great narrative game, Sunless Sea. And, I say it not without proud, I did my job well - at least according to other russian fans. Thus, when I came across Tentacles Thrive, I just couldn't pass it without giving a try and translate it. 

I'm sure this aspiration of mine will benefit both me and you: I will find one more place to use and sharpen my talents (besides of getting another great project in my portfolio), while you will gain more foreign fans. Some of them even surely will support your job on Patreon!

So, if you are interested in this offer, you always can contact me via e-mail: 

I look forward to discuss the details!

Я не играл в игру не знаю какой у нее сюжет,но ты нихуево свернул друже.


Ну, я постарался привлечь к себе внимание :) Надеюсь, получилось.

А что касается игры, то в ней действительно очень качественно описаны те самые сцены. Не вдаваясь в подробности, могу сказать, что достичь результата можно и без картинок - одним только чтением. Даже странно, что никто не попытался перевести игру раньше, хотя бы и гуглом. 


Гугл всего не передаст. Чтобы перевести сие "литературное произведение", потребуется хоть какой-то литературный талант. Иначе получится похабщина.

Is there a way to just view the animations? Or "rip" them? 

zombies's retreat

Is it possible for an android port? 

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no i cant play the game


is it possible to add patreon new updates to game ?or we should wait until new game update arrives?


Is there any new version available after v4.09b ? I saw several post by masternono on patreon dating several months after this one, but I can't find any other version after that. If there is any other version can someone please send me the link to download it (on windows) ?

thank you in advance

v4.09b is available only for Patreon Followers, but you can search some Google sites to download it (not recommended)

Yes, I knew it, but I asked if there was an other version available after that, a version like v4.10 or v4.11, or even more further


For the time being 4.09b is the latest. It looks like the dev want to make v4.10. I hope it will release soon. I hope the dev quickly make the final version (the progress looks dying)


can you fix the flash version since flash is not a thing anymore i really want to play it but i can’t since there no flash pls make it so you don’t need flash


Despite abandoning flash you can still download the projector from their website allowing you to play flash games locally

Does any one know how to get ragworm?

can someone please tell me how to download it on mac?

Ive got a quick question about the territory claiming; i know how to battle so no need to ask me that. I was wondering on how im supposed to claim wildehide or be able to access it, i claimed black hallows and shadevale, which are right next to wildehide; is wildehide in the game? and if it is do i just need to claim more lands to unlock it? any answers would be highly appreciated.


Can someone explain how to be successful with the combat system? After winning the first battle by pure luck it seems, I've lost every battle since then (10 at least). Every time I look at the details in the game and think I've come up with a decent hypothesis about how things work, it ends up failing with the enemy barely surviving or reaching my zone first. The 3 sentence description in the Battle Gameplay graphic up there isn't sufficient. I'm getting exhausted with guess-and-check always ending in failure.


First, save before every battle, if you loose, re-start. Or be very careful with injury for Monsters. It can be very annoying.

You start with some hearts, and you will gain 1 more every 10 sec. Use hearts on Monsters for a special power. For exemple if i remember correctly for 4 hearts the eye will corrupt an ennemy After 2 hits, and he will fight along your side... Every powers are explicated. After it's classic; tank, support, long-range attack, etc. In your army, the first line will be depployed with the Monster below him (2nd Line) so try tanks in first position and others below.

And every Monsters have a Time counter before depployment, so don't make a duo who need too much Time, you will loose before they go to the battle. Only on one line you have to reach the over side, so even if your army on the top Line is destroyed, if you are faster than thé ennemy on the bottom you won.

I can't help more, and maybe there's some mistakes, i played it a Long Time ago :)

I don't remember where i found this but the army you can do is 4 red lions 2 harska and 2 ragworm, anything after is extra

hello and thanks for this awesome game.

i have several questions would you please answer them:

1-where can i found an exact tutorial about game , it sound easy but game instructions are not clear and made me confused
2-where can i report the game bugs
3-how can i unlock instincts or its possible to unlock all of them?
4-are every features in game are unlockable?(some of them mark with "Available in futute"

5-how can i increase number of army?
6-after i invade all of possible area in map and capture them still some part of map with name are black and inaccessible why?

and finally thank again

there is a wiki online.

it helps a lot for new players

the game is still under construction, so maybe you have unlocked all accessible areas.

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How do you progress? I'm not sure how to progress further. I only got as far as finishing the first quest that appears on the journal then going around randomly getting attacked or so then breeding. 

Nothing else that seemingly leads me or gives me a sign of any progress appears aside from that.

Wait, is this game still being developed or abandoned?

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Yes the game is being worked on at the moment if you look at the developers Patreon.

In order to progress once you get the world map, start training your tentacles by bonding or hunting.

Than click on a new area and start exploring until you can build a royal army which than you can invade a area for more things to work with.

Hope this helps! :)

So the trick is, one has to unlock the Nursing step before the skill tree thing lets you unlock the Royal Army step. But to unlock Nursing, you need to have an injured unit. But if you haven't been over-using the stamina of units so as to injure them (I guess that's how it happens) then you don't have the requirement to advance. Not intuitive at all.

That sounds, a bit of a hassle, idk. Gotta, try to progress first, I guess.

Thanks, tried playing the public version for a bit and just got some random monsters of which most I don't know how I got and what to do it. I think I had over 20 already and just kept on trying to bond and breed but had no idea what I was doing. 

Humm my save from last week doesnt load at all anymore. How do I fix this? Where exactly do save files go to?


Its a shame i cant play this, it used flas

you can still use the standalone projector to play the downloadable one:

how many monsters can you find right now

guys, how to unlock the "red maps" ?


Unfortunately my game no longer saves for me. It use to give me a message that told me save was complete. But now it doesn't, and when I try loading it goes to the old save no matter how many times I click on the save button. That's sad because I really liked this game


After some trial and error I have found out a thing. I'm Using the Itch desktop app, and if I open the game though it I can't save. But if I open it directly it saves and loads just fine. Maybe this will help others or the creator can look into it.

IS there any way to play this on Mac? :(

the save file of the swf version didn't work :<

My baby is gone :<


I just wanna a version with a male protagonist and female monsters


noooooooooo that is so wrong its perfect the way it is


I think I would like both versions, but mostly the original one.

Lilith is absolutely great!

could always opt for mgq..



This game is very nice. But I don't know how to save this game

go back to the house, diary, save

woah.... Thank you very much for your answer!!

guys please help me!!!. How about to save this game??. please answer my question

when you unlocked the hut and the diary, you can save your progress.

open the diary and find the save button at the top left.

How do you full screen in the downloaded version?

the menu at game start should work like in the online version


This game is amazing and I keep following it for several years by now, don't stop the good work you put here, I think the scenes are amazings and the art and the animation, but I JUST LOVE the history and the bondings interactions, I keep playing it to read ALL THE TEXT that are in the game and to see every scene on every tentacle.

PS: Sorry for the English, I don't speak fluently.

emmm can you give me a little hint how to save the game please!!

So because the flash has been discontinued that mean this game already stopped right?

I don't think so.

It seems master Nono has been very busy the bast months, but I am waiting for the progress and the new lines for Octoseal. (Octoseal is one of my favorites)

I will give it a few weeks, since the flash problem might also be an issue.


Theres plenty of methods to have flash working, the simplest is literally just turning back your clock before january 12, 2021, then it will work in the newgrounds launcher or pretty much anything that ran flash stuff ^_^

Isn't Flash being deisconti


It already has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

I cannot, for the life of me figure out how to feed any of my tentacle monsters. Same with hearts. I've tried "use item" in the bonding page, but it just shows a blank parchment and nothing else. I feel like I'm missing something super obvious, but I can't figure what it is.


They will feed themselves.

You need food for invasions of other territories.

the use of different food for bonding and stuff is still to be implemented.


Ah I gotcha. Is there any other way to heal them other than nursing?

Maybe the guys know some other way, I just try by nursing the injuries away.

Select boanding then a monster, then use item and choose, I think you mean that



IDK who did it. But I found the .apk here

Version 4.08 so its up to date. It has an annoying add when you 1st open it. But it works. My screen is small so I had trouble feeding my Units during combat

Thank you soo much... I appreciate  it. I don't know if it will work... sometimes I have difficulties installing games. I'll  try my best and see if it works. Thanks again


It's a really good game, but PLEASE we need more informations !! Maybe the old players understand every new little thing for each MAJ, but new (like me) are totally lost.  There's no tutorial, just an introduction, and i still don't understand how we can unlock new area on the map. It's the only pb, but it's a rly big pb. Fortunately there's a wiki, it helped me a lot to understand the game. The rest is wonderful.  That's why i think it's a pity.

But it's still a good game :D

you need to unlock the royal army, then you go to an enemy territory and click invade (check the skill tree)

What is with all these hateful comments lately? I admit I haven't played in a bit, wanted to see if a new version had been released in the meantime. However, looking at the comments makes me sad. This used to be a wonderful thread where all of us perverts would come together and admire this game. What happened? Why is everyone so pissed? Let alone the language they use. I am disappointed in people. We can do better.


I don't see any hateful comments.  You must be imagining things.


i don't know about you, but i see a sensible discussion between a group of gamers.   i havent saw not one single hateful word.


Depressed much?

im seeing the area  ithink what do i do now

how do i save?

On the house you go to the diary and the last tab you can save the game, try to do it more than once sometimes it doesn't save



Anyone know is Master nono and the painter Sanshengwan okay? I hadn't see any of them update anything in their account.

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