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If anyone wants to play this game on android check it out on they have converted it for android

How to play this on android??

The game is not yet available for android version

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Yaya. Some people play it with Puffin, but I have not officially tested it.

Download from

I can't figure out how to feed my tentacles. Like half of them are hungry, but I don't know how to feed them.

Bonding > Use items

In which version the new enemy territory will open

The game is great so far but i can't seem to find a way to fight. Is the battle gameplay just a concept or already in the game ?

Thank you for trying it out~ To battle, you need to unlock Invade skillset first through Instinct (top right corner) > then click the eye icon > enemy territory > invade.

Thanks for the tip! Keep up the good work!


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I can not understand why food does nothing, hearts do nothing, scales, ore, gold, train, release, crafting does nothing as well as  most of special items, map areas and instinct.

The idea, graphics and atmosphere of the game are really great, but it is like 30% complete and how many years will it take to release at least basic functions?

And sorry if this question is dumb but what tier is better, 1 or 5?

They will do things, right now since not all features are implemented, I have to disable some of their purposes. Tier is mainly to indicate stronger battle effects.

We are around at 65%. I aim to complete the game this year.

Could you make an android version?

Possible, but can't confirm.

" Tentacles Thrive, "

My Rating of is: 

  Nice Graphics
  Active Play
  Nice Scenes
  The Graphics are nice

Hehe thanks. Only pros XD

how long will it take for v4.05

I would say another 2~3 weeks.

My critique: i love the concept. But what takes me out of the game is when the text description does not match the looped animation. Possible to put pictures in lieu of animation to match the text? Followed by the best moments And climax being an animated loop. 

Thank you for playing the game and your suggestion. We try to optimize our limited resources to create the best atmosphere; on the other hand, considering the genre, we have too many species to cover for even something that sounds simple.

I'd kind of like a patch that just changes the Princess into a Prince... or well starts us off as a dude. I mean something simple... a new sprite of a handsome dude getting pounded plus some quick avatars/pics of him. That's my thing.

The text is there mainly to help increase my skill in reading.

having issues launching it on macOS

¿Cómo le hago para desbloquear las otras regiones o entrar en batalla?

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hi pc  she didn't want to install.   

1>) How do I access located at the Secret Memory option at your home
Tentacles Thrive Alpha v4_03. ?

2>) this . When it the window just closes and when I click "Take me to the downloads"( mega ,anofile , zippy link  )
Tentacles Thrive Alpha v4_04. ?


3>) I have a question
Tentacles Thrive Version v4_04 is out, can someone update the ?  
" , 

when will it be out?

It has been released^^

Can version 4.04 be updated? Can't wait already

Its almost done, I would say by tomorrow. 


The game is great. It has nice atmosphere and the graphic is just a cherry on the top. However if you wanna feedback I feel that the user interface is a bit odd and its annoying too always neet to go to house to rest (any quick-rest button would be great). Also I really tried to read everything you write but still the game is a bit confusing and its hard to figure out what to do.

Anyway the game is wonderful and yet again I like it very much <3


Thank you for the inputs^^ 

I hear you, a craft system is almost complete. It will hopefully improve the resting experience.

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I cannot download this game. When I try to buy it the window just closes and when I click "Take me to the downloads" link nothing at all happens. This seems to be the only game on here that I have this problem with.

I'm not blocking cookies or JavaScript.

Have cleared my history, cookies and everything. That did not help.

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I have not tested itch's own software, but it seems to be functional if you download through Firefox or Chrome on Windows.

Tried downloading it on Linux with Firefox. I don't have Windows available.

I now have installed the itch client. Installing the game works there, but when I try to launch it, I get an error. Sadly I can't copy the error message.

It complains that the file `8501.39` it is trying to exectute is missing from the installation folder. I checked and it exists and is marked as executable. Trying to executed this file from the terminal yields this error:

`bash: ./8501.39: : bad interpreter: No such file or directory`

telling me that this file probably is not intended to be executable in the first place.

Which monsters do I bond to get Myrmidon?

There are some hints when you mouse over the question mark on each feature.

How do you get a blood star through bonding(breeding)?

It has Tier3, Offense and Giant attributes, so you will need 3 monsters that have those combination of genes, plus some luck to breed one ;)

Thanks Master Nono 👍

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Two things;

1)Do you have any downloads for mobile? I want to use the "official" one, and any others aren't quite the same anyway, and

2) How do you heal a tentacle monster? I can not get past that on the skill tree.


How? I haven't seen any way to do it.

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You have to injure a monster. The hints are next to the Skilltree when you advance each skill.

No mobile version now, but I will try exporting apk once there are more core features completed.

I had injured monsters, but I couldn't find a way to nurse them. I could only wait for it to heal itself, which isn't what I needed.

after a monster gets injured check the skill tree 

When will v4.04 be public exactly ?

I would say around 16th.


Another thing that would make the game easier to play would be scaling the maps to fit the screen size.  The maps are nice and high-res, so shrinking them a little bit would look good, and be more convenient.  Then you wouldn't have to drag around to find the right sites for bonding or resources.

Thanks, interesting point of view. It would increase ease of  use, but I think it might make the world seems smaller.

i cant find Red Lion, this monster in wiki but not in game?

Red Lion and Weta tier 1 monsters, they are should be easy to find, but i can't find them


Both exist in the game.  I found them by breeding different types, not finding them in the wild

how i can breed monsters?

i can only bond them with MC


Master Nono, would you consider moving the "Rest" option to the main screen instead of the hut menu?  That would save a lot of repetitive clicking. 
Love the game :)


this is good idea,Strongly support

Making a crafting feature that would enable us to get popular features like this.


Yeah I can't seem to load my save with using itch and I really enjoy this game but having to restart over and over again sucks. I tried checking out the wiki but I really don't understand the steps under 'How do I reuse my save file?' It's not really clear so if anyone has figured it out and can post clearer instructions that would be awesome. thank you.


Nevermind I figured it out after doing some more digging into the flash settings. It kept automatically going back to deny when allowing it to save or do anything so I had to select always and remember for it to work, I just tested it.

Thank you for the report~ It will help others for sure.

Bug Report: Just downloaded this game and really like it so far but saves do not work. Clicking Save doesn't do anything and clicking load doesn't either :(

Try our wiki see if it helps:

I am creating a better guidance for in game save/load.

I'm playing the downloaded version, not the browser version. It seems to not be working in the downloaded version.

is there someway to make it full-screen?

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Next version comes with a full screen button!^^ Though it only works on the  downloadable versions. itch will need to create a full screen button for the web version otherwise.

oh, but the downloaded version for MacOS doesn't rlly work, when i open the downloaded app, it says that there's no application for it

I think you will need to download and enable Flash Player:

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nope, didn't work :(

it doesn't even download when i enable flash player, it'll make the whole window turn into random scripts

Hey Nono, is there something i need to do to get the save to work? I click save and say yes to the pop up but when i come back to it i cant load anything. I really like the game but its frustrating starting over again everytime i want to play. Thanks ;)

Some players reported you would need to click "Allow" when the Adobe popup appears. Not sure if this is the same case for you.

I have put most of the possible issues into our wiki:

I don't know how to play this game. Seems like never ending clicking a monster to hunt for meat and heart everyday, exploring for skin and sex with random monster?

You can start by achieving some tasks to learn some core skillsets through visiting Instinct (icon at top right corner). After which, there is no forced path on how to play the game.

im enjoying this game im looking forward to its future , keep up the good work :) x

Let's cheer together and support this game

Aye possitivity should allways be around , otherwise negativity hangs around :) creative people need to be boosted and celebrated , im not very creative so im allways amaze about the things people make x keep it up peeps x

Thank you guys, you guys are too kind! You have no idea how much this encourages me^^

Report Nonoplayer, 4.03 version 3 new 5th scene graphics (Dubois, Dolphy and Myrimidon) combined event contents are blank, causing the game to not work properly, request to fix this error

Tested working properly. Please provide more details.

When will 4.04 be updated

I release both Patreon and public versions every month.^^


can't seem to save my progress do i have to enable anything?


im on itch i went through the save in game but nothing is happerning , and i can't load it :(  

Android when?

Targeting next year after spring.


Is it still not updated today,Then when can it be updated?

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Just finished testing it. Its out, go nuts :)

Updated the new version, which is our player's honor

Today is November 9th, hasn't it been updated yet? We are very anxious and looking forward to it

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Haha, thank you for showing your excitement :) Its almost done, it should be ready tomorrow.

Thanks man, by the way are u going to do anything with the human kingdom. I think prisoners could be a feature

Haha, what do you want to do with the prisoners?

shrug, it's just there's a whole city right nearby. I'm intrigued by what u will do with it

Hi, how does save work? because i don't appear to be able to load them


Go to the queen's nest first. Then click【diary】 "save" in the upper right corner and "save" button in the middle,can saved

Hi nono! How do i unlock queen's nest? and uhh what's a special bond?

Need to get Slime Eye to Lv14, as it was designed to be his benefit.
Special Bond wise, its just a placeholder for now.

Will the game be updated tomorrow

How to save the game?


Go to the queen's nest first. Then click【diary】 "save" in the upper right corner and "save" button in the middle,can saved

ok, is there a link to sorting out the mess with the saves? Downloaded from itch and using the exe. No idea how to sort it.

I still haven't tested out itch downloader^^ So I can't tell you what are all the saves. Otherwise there is only one save file (TTv4_Save.sol) if you download and save it directly.

May I ask how you engage in battle?

Select the area you want to conquer on the map and you're ready to start, as long as you have an army. Currently, you can choose 8 tentacled monsters as your army

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