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I have a problem. Whenever I am in Springmount (humana kingdom where the castle is) I can't return to the forest. It is out of bounds. When using tab The forest gets selected but I can't use enter or space to enter it. I'm locked out of saving because of this as well as resting. Anny idea how to fix this? (I'm using the .exe download.)


This is one of the most lovely hentai games ever, I LOVE the writing... really hope you find a good Unity developer<3

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i was just looking at the game looks sexy an fun but... im on android  is there to much stuff to even make it an android game possibly  sometome soon im wondering is all. :/


For those of you wondering about updates/new versions, check the discord.

You happen to have a link to the discord?

its the same version  ther as it is on ich

When will the Android version come out?


Use the flashversion and install iflaz (a flash player for android)!

I tried iflaz, but it didn't work


I know!


how do you save the game progress on the adobe flash


Are there any released versions newer than 5.01 yet?  I browsed around the patreon for a long time but couldn't find any newer releases.


this has not been updated since 2021, I don't think anything will be added anymore (just assuming)


that's just for here on Itch. if you looked down... you'd have seen that a month ago someone posted the patreon link that shows what's been done to date since the last posting here.


Can you make a mechanic for clothes  

Clothes damage mechanism: divided into 3 stages; stage 1 is intact, stage 2 is partially damaged, stage 3 is completely damaged (naked); at the same time, damaged clothes will also affect the resistance of the character; for example, in stage 3, the enemy only needs 1 attack to It can trigger the H animation, 2 attacks in the 2nd stage, and 3 attacks in the 1st stage. (Because the damaged clothes will expose the genitals, so it is easier for the enemy to rape)

damage will all be reduced, and the enemy only needs 3 attacks to trigger the H animation. The same mechanic applies before spawning


When will it have an android version?

(+8) this is the lastest public update for those who are wondering.
according to the roadmap as you can see in the pictures the next release will be in augustus/ early setember 


thanks for the info


still nothing?


Hey, is this game still getting updates?




Yes it is just taking a bit


Yes, but a new version has not been released for quite a while, check out their Patreon for more recent updates


Hi nono! A great pleasure to back this game in what small way I may with my 2 USD. Thank you for creating this game <3

Hi ninth, then creator of the game, I would like to know if you are going to launch the game for Android yes or no?

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Can i still play it without flash

Having issues saving my game. Was looking forward to doing my first raid but there is no save after I saved twice :<

I absolutely love this game.

Glad to have found this game Tentacles Thrive. I don't know why I didn't even think to look here! Can't wait to see what else you bring to this game 🙂

 The stories are really awesome and I absolutely love the work that went into the animations. I can't wait to read, play and experience more! Great work!

Honestly, this is one of the best games I have found on this site! I enjoyed the content of  and I'm looking forward to how the story around


 sorry if my english is not good 🙁

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Thank you for the kind words.

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you cant save

I downloaded the game for my Mac, but I don't know how to open the swf file. Please help me.

They're no longer supported, but you should be able to find stand alone flash players somewhere, if you look for them.

What is BEvt and RP? Is there a manual or guide somewhere? I found an unofficial wiki but it did little for explanation of basics.


Bonding Event, or the number of times you have bonded with a specific tentacle, with a max of 5.
Relationship points, how much a specific tentacle likes you (don't ask me it's purpose, I don't know XD )


Maestro Nono, I hope you are well and your team, seen so far, seems to me an excellent job worthy of admiration and respect.

It occurred to me that it would be great, I mean, you are the geniuses, but it would be great if you added more characters like the main character, like other towns or hidden towns that are also against the empire and be able to have battles against those characters, or also find allies and build a tentacle village to one day go against the empire or stage some sort of coup, in which case it wasn't just trading with the adeans or on the islands finding a traveling merchant with a cart selling beast tentacles, or at that case make legendary tentacles like some kind of special bosses in different areas or specific areas like some kind of cave or something underground or also some kind of temple.

I hope you read this teacher nono a big greeting I love your work greetings :3

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I seem to be having problems with saves, I save the game and it doesn't actuly save, the saves just aren't there (Unless I just can't find them)

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Same :'( and it doesn't even open. I've had to delete it but hopefully it'll be resolved.

Run the game as admin. I had to run it as admin, close it, then run it as admin again and it worked.


Wonder if anywhere there is a newer version and is for android


not yet, but there was a new update about the game in the dev patreon, for now, they haven't dropped the game, we can expect new content soon


Yay! Hopefully it comes out soon. I really enjoyed playing it

Really wish I could play it, can't really find out how to save the game, I've read everything I can find about the saves, I just can't find any file it downloads so that I can rename it and put it into the same directory (I assume this has something to do with flash not being available anymore but I don't get how other people are able to play it then).




Aug 19th, 2022 was the last post from the creator on Patreon.


Well, this is, not patreon. If people purchase the game from here, why the fuck would they want to or need to pay for it again on another store front to get updates? Seems to be dead on here, at the very least.


I'm just giving you the info that I have found. And no one is forcing you to buy the game on here.

"This game is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game."

No need to be rude.


6 hours ago new post on patreon.

Deleted 292 days ago

Aug 19th, 2022 was the last post from the creator on Patreon.

Deleted 292 days ago

Calm down... I think what they are trying to say is it's not completely dead, it's just in a transfer phase. I mean if this game means so much you can use your money to idk support the developer. Otherwise stop complaining. I'm not saying it's good that the dev has been silent on twitch but saying "SO WHAT" doesn't really do much does it?


6 hours ago new post on patreon

Do other people have the issue that this game does not save at all? Both the .swf or .exe versions. Any suggestions for a Windows 10 user?

with flash being gone, how can this be played?


download the exe with it


What program do I use to open this on a linux?


You can use Windows executables if you set up wine.

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I started the game, and was shown a map with no indication what to do there. Then I clicked on some kingdom, had a single chat with some guard and then nothing anymore. Just a map that I can drag with my mouse, and that's it.

And the map being dragged when I try to click something is super-annoying.

I hope that an update arrives any time soon.


Yeah, the beginning has no actual tutorial. Go to the mountain on the map you should see the mountain has some different shapes than the surrounding area hover your mouse around that area and that should continue the game 

any word on updates or is this game dead? would be a shame because it's a great game.


I think the developer has some health issues :/


oh geez, I hope he's alright. Thanks for the info.


save don't work properly: one day i play, i save and leave. and tomorrow when i try to load the game, nothing happens... i have to start a new game

same here, just get it from another source

wdym by "another source"

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i used new grounds and an app called flash forwarder for Newgrounds and it works fine its just that the game has not been updated past it SS skill tree

or: To reuse your save, you must rename your newly downloaded file same as the one you saved your game, as well as putting it into the same directory of your previous file.


What do you mean by "newly downloaded files" ?

I've downloaded it for mac but it seems that I can't play it, I unzip the file and nothing. Please, tell me what to do

You might need an swf player/swf plugins for MAC browser.

No android, sad

The game won't let me access my previous save. 


I do enjoy playing it in Flash but imagine if dev put in a lot of effort and move the project to Unity, switch from 2D drawing to 3D models. It'll take a lot of time... but still... I'm not suggesting, just wondering

You should check their Patreon. That's exactly what they're working on right now.

Hi, is there a way to fix overpopulation?

you could release or let them die? thats about it for now tho it seems


Hey, how are you doing? Been a while since last update, just checking out!


i have just checked their patreon a looks like they are quite busy trying to make the switch from flash to some other engine. and that the pace has been picked up again since 2 weeks ago or something like that i can't really follow tbh.


Huge thanks for that update! I wish this page could get those kinds of announcements as well but I'm glad at least to hear that this legend is making progress once more.

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THATS why... I thought the dev died during the outbreak or somethin

Thanks a lot for that info!

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