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**1. Web save/load uses browser cookies, which can get cleared. It is not hugely reliable, as well as not likely to be compatible with future web versions, unlike the downloadable files.

About the game
In the realm of Tentacles Thrive, you will be discovering new tentacle species, stealing Lilith's heart, mating to create new species, managing and reviving the Humana race, or conquering the world through strategic battles. It is an SLG game with a love sim element and real-time battles.

Join us if you enjoy our craft!

Here are some unique features:

  • Hand crafted frame by frame or 2.5D animation for breeding, battles and endings!
  • Real-time strategic battle with simple card game like element
  • Have a chance to enslave the enemies after a successful conquer, which can be used in the future battles
  • Aiming for 136+ species
  • Every monster, ally or enemy, possesses an unique effect to add in chaos on the battlefield


Living in a world filled with large and powerful monsters, the Humana Kingdom has been confined on a small island for as long as anyone can remember. One day a royal family member, Lilith, discovered that the materials she had been collecting to create fabulous clothing, were derived from creatures called Tentacle Monsters. This discovery, though seemingly benign, would became the event that shook the very foundations of the world and forever change the dynamic between Tentacles, the Humana Kingdom and all the other nations of TT.

Backgrounds of Lilith, Tentacles, and Humana Kingdom
Lilith -
most of Lilith's family was killed in an invasion by monsters. Being born into a wealthy family, she was later adopted by the royals. She is most famous for creating beautiful clothing with a secretive fabric (dead skin from tentacle monsters). Little did she know that eventually the tentacles would mistake her as one of their own, and ultimately treat her as their queen.

Tentacles - rare creatures that live in some of the worlds darkest places. They are incredibly adaptable, shifting willingly from being solitary creatures to eusociality after their first meeting with Lilith, thus treating her as their queen. This co-evolution will bring great benefits to both the Humana Kingdom and Tentacles, but only if certain conditions are continued to be met.

Humana Kingdom - possesses basic understanding of agriculture and melee weapons, but lack the time to further develop important technologies due to constant threats from other monster nations. They rely on their geographical advantage to defend themselves. Indeed if they did not have it they would have been completely destroyed long ago. Thus, are they in a war of attrition.


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Tentacles Thrive Alpha v3_08.swf 69 MB


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er I've downloaded this game before, but when I switched phone and tried today, I can download both files but they don't seem to open? Thx in advanced

Not sure what phone you were using, but unfortunately the game doesn't support iOS nor Android yet.

For real? I know I've downloaded them game on mobile before, was on Android. Could it be because I was using puffin brswer to download? It's a adobeflashplayer brownser so it works like a computer, but the game was on a app. I might try that again. And keep up the work:)

I like the game very much!
One question: Is there a place where you can see which monsters are implemented yet? Just wondering if I did miss one or saw all available ;D

All available monsters are in the Tentacles Encyclopedia in the game, where it is not a question mark ^^

News about update? Does someone have performance issues with this!? Is it a bug or. . . THANKS for good game ! ❤️

I usually make post update on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/nonoplayer

Thanks bro! <3

how do i get special items?

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Look down a few comments, there it is. But in case you are too lazy, use train on territories to obtain special items.

thank you :>

Can't save in Exe, followed the directory that Nonoplayer posted a few comments down, it led me nothing. 

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Just tested it, it works on my pc. Did you move the exe file after saving? Tell me more details.

how do i expand the map?

Look at the menu thing on the bottom of the screen and click that circular eye thing, which leads you to a map you click the areas available and then you need the skill “conquer” to expand territory

where is skill "conquer"?

i only see "explore"

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You have to use Instinct to obtain more skillsets. I think Invade is the third/forth unlockable skillset.


How do you get to the bonding? I've unlocked it in the tree but I'm not seeing a button to press.

Its the 5th skill, have to use Train to obtain special items on conquered territories.

Nice game. Hoping for there soon to be a gallery feature.

I hear you.

Can't seem to get past the first zone.  Please see this video (if it stays up).

Essentially I can only go to the secret garden, explore 4x and get the tentacle skins, get pregnant, and then the explore option doesn't have any 'clickable areas'.

I think your version is either bugged or outdated, because after you get pregnant in the beginning you get back to the kingdom and then back to the first area, then you go to the house and then you come out and you get the instinct tree, which is where you get the skills from. Also, you don’t seem to have the eye-ish thing on the top center of the “actions area”, basically where explore is, and that’s how you conquer other areas. Watch other people’s videos to see the difference.

Thank you for recording the whole thing to me. Though the thing that happens at 0:44 is a bit strange, I am not able to replicate it. May I ask were you playing on Windows?

(1 edit)

The scene at 0:44s played normally, but the video was lagging because this computer can't record well.  I just skipped through the scene quickly.

OS is Win 8.1 Pro(edited) using Adobe Flash Player

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Okay thanks~ What version were you playing?

Do you plan to make and apk version of the game? 

I do but I can't give an exact date.


I got 18 teritories, and almost got all monster except pondou, and i dont know how to proceed, idk what i should do except hunt and breed. can someone give me advice? ty 

sorry bad english

You are basically done with the game so far.

ty for the reply. can i load my game after update? or i need to restart all over again?

I’m not sure about that, think it’s yes, but I don’t know how. I myself can’t load but I’m not very good with technology

Save/load work on downloaded versions. For web, it is possible, but you will have to replace new save with previous manually.

itch save location (Firefox):
C:\Users\[user account name]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[RANDOM LETTERS]\commondatastorage.googleapis.com\itchio\upload2\game\[RANDOM LETTERS]

can you show me how to expand the map

Hello nono.

First: Thak you for the game!

Once it is finished, i will buy it.

But i have a question: I conquered all the territories that are available and have the research for the first branch of the instinct tree done, but i have no idea how i shall unlock the other purple diamonds. The only hint is "Achieve enlightenment goals to learn new abilities." but i have no idea what does that mean.

I would be really thankful if you could help me out with this topic.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Other skillsets are not developed yet ^^

Ummm... I'm playing on mobile anddd... Why is the save not working?

where is apk setup?

There are no apk version yet.

Is it possible to expand more than 2 fields in one way...or not 

(1 edit)

What do you mean by two fields in one way? Do you mean conquest?

Only 18 territories are made. I plan to focus on more features and contents before expanding, as it should have given us some good idea how the game work.

Hey I saved the game but when I went to play it again I could not load it.

If you are on the .exe version, then save doesn’t work well. If you are on the .swf version, then save works well as long as there isn’t a new version. If you have a problem, be reminded that save is still a “Work In Progress” system

itch save location (Firefox):
C:\Users\[user account name]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[RANDOM LETTERS]\commondatastorage.googleapis.com\itchio\upload2\game\[RANDOM LETTERS]

Local save location:
First narrow down the scope by going to this directory. **(See how to unhid AppData folder if you have it hidden: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/cant-see-the-appdata-folder/)
C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[Random Number]\localhost

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I cant seem to unlock the instinct tree. I have played through it for a little bit. I also have like 12 monsters. I cant do anything other than hunt and breed. I don't get any of things that I see other people getting. I have done what others have done and rested once I get to the hidden garden. The monster brings me the head of a slain enemy. But after that I cant do anything else other than mate, hunt, and explore. I cant attack or anything. I feel like I missed something and will feel really stupid once im told what I missed

follow the instinct tree, the hints are the information that pops up when you click the purple diamonds, when they are green that means you can unlock them. And as for why you can’t advance, that’s because you have nothing other than explore, hunting, etc, while others have nursing, bonding, invade, scouting, etc.

there isn't a purple dimond

HHAHAHAAHH  I told you once I found it I would be angry with my self lol. Thanks Man. Really enjoying the game even with that mestake on my part

guys pls help i just didnt decovered how u can umlock new world,and the secret gardens pls help (respect)pls

You have to get the instinct tree to the point where you unlock the skill “invade” and then use invade to attack new areas and if you are successful, you claim that part of the world. And as for the secret gardens I don’t understand what you mean.

tnx appreciated sorry bout my language just exited and when are you gonna be able to find secret gardens.

secret gardens is the area on the mountains to the very left of your screen in the starting place, you can find it right away, so I think you mean something else?

sorry for all my questions but i meant how explore or something else

you explore in an area by clicking the button “explore” on the center bottom of the screen and then click a location, and to get to other places you click that eye in the top of the thing at the bottom of the screen where “explore” is

First of all, I should note that I hardly will pass this game to the end. First of all it is animation. I just can not keep myself every time I see a new monster in the business or one of my favorite old ones.
The second reason is not so good - the mechanics are not very clear to me. What does RP do? Or how to get the level without ditching the monster? These are all the problems of "alpha" and I immediately see what the main focus was on (I cannot describe how divine animation is).
I found a bug in one of the previous versions - if you do not save the game until the second using the Queen's Lair, the game crashes. But otherwise, with the software part of the game, it's all right.

I admire the quality of your work even in such an early version. I have already said about animation, I also really like sound design (Lilith's moans and monster sounds merge into beautiful music). The style took the best of the Japanese and European tradition and the design of everything from monsters to Lilith’s dress (I don’t know whose idea is to make her pregnant belly sticking out through the cut, but this is brilliant) it's all so ingenious everywhere and grotesque where it is needed

To summarize: it remains to tighten the igromechanical part and it will be just perfect


I like the game so far but... GOD DAMN! I know its an alpha and I kinda figured out most of it, but for the love of god improve upon the combat system and the info- system. Nursing is broken- it doesnt give RP... The random chance for a monster to get +40 or -40 injured is fucking bullshit. Actions take too much stamina. Why tf do monsters come back hurt from exploring?! Why should I select a monster for exploring when its most likely gonna get injured for nothing... The mechanics arent making any sense so far and arent explained. How tf does the queens lair work? Why are monsters so weak even if you grind them to lvl 5, why dont their abilities do jack shit 90% of the time. The skills/Instinct makes no sense, its not explained at all how to unlock them etc etc....

Other than that, love the game lol. Im just guessing this is all like this cuz its an alpha, but god damn if you ever finish this properly it will be glorious!

(1 edit)

What do I do when my monster is injured?

Edit: I figured it out, you need the nursing skill

but another question, is there only one path for the instinct tree? Or more? If more then how do I get more?

(2 edits)

Only 1 path for the first 8 skills, though different skills are assigned depending on your playstyle. After that you can choose any skills to unlock, but only 2 are available now.

How do you unlock the two skills?

Oh my apology, the two skills are only in v3.07. It will be released to public next week.

Could I get some help please? I can't figure out the instinct tree. I have a purple diamond, and I don't know what to do to unlock it, the hint isn't helping.

I can help but need more specific.

(1 edit) (+1)

Found this a couple of days ago, and I'm a bit blown away. It's the exact type of game I've been considering making myself for quite some time, but with a different theme, so seeing this made me really happy. 

As for some constructive feedback on the game so far. 

*Things that I would think are easy fixes and should hopefully be fixed/added ASAP

- Being able to see the names of the different zones. Right now from what I gather, you only get to see the name of the zones when you successfully take over an area. This makes it a bit confusing unless you memorized it really well. Making you able to see the name of the zones when you enter them would be a very good quality of life improvement, even if its something as simple as hardpainted on the map itself. 

- Being able to release/remove monsters. Adding an option to remove undesirable monsters would be really nice and probably not too difficult to implement.

- Being able to rest while exploring. This is a big thing. Right now there's alot of unnecessary clicking as you explore five times, then have to click out, then back, then back into the home zone, then into the garden, then into your hut, and then click rest. Then when done you have to go out and into the zone again. It kind of eats up alot of your time when exploring, and starts to become an annoyance after a while. Adding a button to your little menubox that holds the Map Eye button that allows you to rest would be fantastic. Either; A) add a button that takes you to your hut. Simple but  would still result in a bunch of extra clicks anyway. b) Add a button that allows you to rest in zones. You could even add the possibility in the future for things to have a chance of happening if you rest in the wilds. 

*Other things that could use some quality of life improvements

- The instinct tree could be a little clearer. After finally figuring it out it's not an issue, but when first clicking it I had no idea what I had to do, and didn't realize the green thing was a clickable unlock even. It could be a little clearer, but You've probably got that on the roadmap. 

- Overall information is a bit low and misleading at times, also something you're probably working on. A big example is when exploring some zones and getting the response "I should look somewhere else." Yeah okay that's not very helpful. I don't know if it's a null response, with no possible monster actually being on the map or maybe my companion monster sucks too much (I don't know if their stats actually impact exploring right now even). A little information would be nice so that it's clear if I'm wasting tons of rounds trying to explore an area that is actually empty. 

- Having a list or a little spritelist on the maps of which monsters you've encountered in an area would be a neat little quality of life thing as well. 

- I also felt a bit unsure when it came to map areas and "ending progression". Hard to know if most of the map areas are inaccessible permanently in the current build, or if I'm supposed to do something to unlock them. (Have conquered 2 tiles away in all directions). And the ending progression, is that just placeholder? Is it something that is doable right now? Also completely unsure!

You've got a great framework here, I hope my feedback is taken as constructive as it is meant to be, it is by no means meant as negative critic.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this game.

How does one load a game? I installed the exe file and for some reason I cannot load my saved games.

How do you rest after you cant get back into the secret garden

Im not fully understanding the reuse save on a later version.

it just renames the file to whatever it was "blahblah.exe(2)"

I don't have money yet, but as soon as I do, I will pay you buddy.

You are too kind mate.

How can I use special items?

I can't use Consume botton.

They are not usable yet. There are a few things I need to develop first before making items function-able. Here is a list for those who are interested:

(1 edit) (+1)

At what point do you unlock bonding again (I am at the instinct tree part where it asks for 2 special items)?

P.S. How do you go about finding special items?  (Is it with explore while in a new area, or is it something else?)


Have to use Train(Hunt) and assign a species that you think matches a habitat of the territory.

Thanks for that info, and I'm guessing that bonding will unlock after completing this Instinct mission?


Is it possible to download on your phone?


Although the game is not tested for mobile platforms yet, some players suggested they could use Puffin to play flash game without much problems.

Oh ok, thank you so much!



Did you see my questions from before?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi ya, sorry missed you post. But it looks like you've figured it out?

Hey. I have a problem - I can not find any apples or fish, so I can not pass the instinct with them. Help!

Any 2 special items are fine, doesn't have to be apple or fish.

Deleted post

I have the problem with new public version... royal army, bonding, nursing, etc. They have all disappeared, leaving only explore and..? I don't remember other one.

Option to open Queens nest is gone despite having high levels.

No idea how to do enlightenment or instinct things.

Can you help or fix these in next patch?



Figured it out.

Inside instinct, there are little diamond like symbols. Click them and will get hint.If green can unlock directly.

silly question, but how does the enlightenment goals work, i couldent find an explanation in or out of the game, so i thought about comming here.

Which one are you stuck at?

at the moment it shows none, and im wondering how i get them

(1 edit)

Hey! First-time patreon donor here (just posting here as comment seems a bit long for patreon).

Just recently discovered this game and tried it out. Game has lots of charm and potential! Just wanted to share some thoughts/ideas I had while playing.

1) Animations: Firstly, I've read the patreon posts and really glad to hear you're treating more animations as top priority (and that you've got different work streams going in parallel). More monsters is always great, but TBH there's so much potential with the ones you've already got (maybe because I'm new to the game, it already feels like there are lots).


  • I know you're already working on more position animations (yay!!!) - some of the ones described in the bonding stories sound amazing. Once you have the animations, would be great to see them change in line with the text, and also cut to a still image of a drenched Lilith when the text says they're finished (like the image of Lilith after the first encounter - which is one of my favourite stills in the game).
  • Please include a lot more group encounters/threesomes (I think you're already working on this? The motion preview for Beringarius/Dubois looks phenomenal!) Multiples of the same species would be great too, eg Dubois x2 (or x3!!)
  • Ideally should be a way to trigger these group encounters outside of Queen's Nest. Perhaps change bonding mating so there are 2 types - one where you choose a specific creature to come to you, and a second one called "Visit" where you simply pick a place in secret garden to visit, and the bonded creatures that live there will take you (either as a group or sequentially) - just like with Queen's Nest but limited to the creatures in that area.  (See below on possible way of implementing this while keeping the bonding event stories - which I love.)

2) Writing: I really really like the writing for the bonding events (especially the slightly aggressive ones, like Dubois' first encounter). They're some of my favourite parts of the game. However, sometimes it doesn't fit with the game progress - for example, Lilith talking as if it's her first encounter with that type of creature when it's not; or being able to command a Beringarius into battle/exploration, but it refusing to move when blocking a passageway.


  • Perhaps turn these stories into wild encounter events instead? Eg, have explorable areas marked (like the intro/bonding), and when you explore areas there's always some exploration text (maybe with options to go down this path or crawl down that tunnel), with some of those options triggering the current bonding events.
  • Then for bonding, just have very simple text interactions with different choices potentially leading to different positions/animations (possibly with some unlocked by the story events). This would make the writing fit better with the game progress, without you having to create too much different text to account for different scenarios.

3) Game progression and skills: The above suggestion would give you an alternative way to introduce game mechanics / skills (rather than the instinct tree). I like the idea of upgrade trees/paths, but I think some of the "core skills" would be better introduced through exploration story events (eg, the need to defend and invade territory). While some "core skills" might be justifiable as things that have to be learned (eg, nursing), I much preferred having bonding mating available from the start like it used to be (both makes more sense and I think better from a gameplay/fun perspective).

Also, while it would be fun to have extra features like feeding/play/crafting/etc, just hoping these don't get too ambitious and take away from other features that make this game... unique :p

4) Battles: Keen to see how these evolve. I actually quite enjoyed the core battle mechanics, and I'm sure will be even better when you've got things balanced. Main comment here is it currently feels a bit disjointed from the rest of the game. Perhaps if you made it so that you had to conquer bits of a map at a time rather than the whole map (see above suggestion on marked areas for exploration), and it gave you reasons to do so while you were exploring (eg, an enemy camp is blocking/guarding access to food/materials that you need). This way it also makes more sense for tentacle creatures to be in such areas (ie, only parts of it are controlled by the "enemy creatures") - which I think you need for gameplay/progression, but otherwise doesn't make sense that they would be deep in enemy territory like that.

4) Breeding: I'm not usually a fan of impregnation/birthing elements, but I actually really like it in this game (I think it's the gotta catch em all thing :p). My only complaint is that it feels too easy to rack up lots of creatures through mixed breeding (both ones you don't want more of, and those ones that should only be available once you progress further in the game). From a gameplay perspective, it removes a powerful incentive to expand territory and makes it harder for you to manage game progression / balancing (which I think you are currently forced to manage through battle hearts).


  • I'm not sure what the solution is either, but the best I could think of is to make it so that it's a lot harder to get a new creature through mixed breeding. For example, make it so that only certain combinations will create  a new creature (and make it so that this new creature actually looks/behaves like a cross-between the creatures it inherited from). Only way to know is to experiment and try!
  • If the combination is invalid, then it just picks one of the original species at random (eg, competitive mating). This way, breeding can be an important/fun game mechanic, without detracting from the importance of exploring and meeting wild creatures.

Anyway, that's all I had for now. Once again, great game (only game that's ever gotten me to sign up on patreon). Looking forward to seeing how the game develops, and hope some of the above ideas help!

(2 edits) (+1)

Wow thank you for the very much detailed feedback and suggestions! Many are inspiring, especially using some mechanics to trigger events and having same species in a gang scene. Though some can increase the work load quite a bit. If I can fulfill the requirement of 1) presenting all the information of a mechanics to the players, 2) not increasing the scope too much, I will try to build upon the concepts and develop them.

(1 edit)

Glad to hear you like some of the ideas! Were there any in particular you're worried might significantly increase the work load?

I can imagine animating all the different gang scenes could quickly become a lot of work - which is why I thought limiting it to just creatures who live in the same habitat would be a good way to keep the number of combinations manageable, while being plausible if used with the "visiting" feature (and maybe one or two special cross-habitat combinations only available through Queen's Nest). Still a lot of work I know, but perhaps it means you won't need as many new creatures to keep things interesting (especially if you change breeding so you have to conquer and explore to get most of the new creatures).

(BTW, great job keeping a consistent style to the artwork even though you've had to change animators a few times! The only one so far that's jumped out at me as a little different is the second Dolphy animation - I'm not sure if it's Lilith's leg/body proportions or because the edge lines aren't as crisp, but I preferred the other animations just a bit more).

In terms of having clickable territories within a map that you can explore/battle (rather than conquering a whole map at a time), it might be a bit more work upfront, but would be a good way to make the most of the maps you already have (ie, you can have more battles without having to create more maps/backgrounds, etc). But depends on what you already have and where your bottlenecks are I guess.

Lastly on the topic of battles, another option to increase the challenge/tactics could be to make army members actually get injured if they're hurt in battle. Would also give players a reason to breed more creatures as army reserves.  Might need to tweak the battle mechanics a bit though - eg, have creatures fall back behind allies if low on health, so that front-line creatures don't all get injured.


Sorry for the late reply due to having to move during the period. But excellent ideas! I certainly will try to get monster injury or more during battle ^^

(1 edit)

just wondering what lvl do tho ... coz it doesn't affect their stats o.o

Good game btw keep it up '-')9

edit : and sometimes when i'm exploring, it says the direction, but after that it says somewhere else... any clue for that ??


The Lv only represents their relationship right now. It offers a bit of stats for traits, like 1 stat per level but that's it. I am planning to use it to unlock the monster's benefit, for example, Queen's Nest will only be available if Slime Eye is Lv 8.
As for the direction, you might have passed a habitat of the local species, so it asks you to turn around. Also there could be more than one species in a territory.

ahhh i see... thanks a lot... good luck for the next patch o

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello! Would it be possible for you to put the .swf up for download alongside the .exe?
I play on Linux and prefer to use a standalone player. I can grab it from the webpage, of course, but saving a step would be nice. Would also allow you to flag TT as available on Linux.


Done! Didn't know swf can be played on Linux.


Thanks man! FYI you may want to flag the SWF as a Linux release too so it shows up in searches.

It depends. See https://github.com/lightspark/lightspark/issues/339 as regards AVM versions (that's Actionscript Virtual Machine of course).

Also: "SWF v7 features and some SWF v8 and v9; SWF v10 is not supported by GNU Gnash." -- https://www.gnu.org/software/gnash

Interesting game was wondering if a page for patch notes exist, would be good to let us know what has changed each patch.

(1 edit)

Hi, I usually release new versions along with the details on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nonoplayer

I think there is a bug where certain monsters will be listed as under the Royal Army with the red R next to their icon, but they don't show up in the Royal Army tab when you open it. I currently have 2 monsters that encountered this bug, and I think it seems to trigger when the monster is injured (like when you send them to scout, hunt, etc.) while listed in the army.

Thank you for the reporting! I believe it is fixed in newer versions. I will upload a new one next week.


My experience with this game:

  1. Start game. Sit and stare at still map as music plays. Assuming the game is frozen, restart. Same result. Move mouse around, eventually stumble on the need to click one specific landmark to start the story.
  2. First cutscene. Told the princess is the going to the forest. Back to the map. Still no prompts, but considering the last map screen, I try to highlight or click the forest areas. Nothing. Eventually discover I am actually meant to click on the top of the mountain.
  3. Told I need to explore. Click "Explore". No response. Move mouse around, discover forest area can be highlighted. Click there, next cutscene.
  4. Cutscenes. Told I need to explore to find tentacle skin. Click "Explore". Forest is no longer highlightable. No areas are highlightable. Eventually realize I am now meant to just click on random pixels of the  map, for some reason.
  5. Nothing in the forest, which is the one area I have previously explored and found tentacle skin in. Days pass. I receive no feedback or guidance.
  6. I explore "with" my tentacle monster, and begin to receive feedback. I am told to go Northwest. I click to the top-left of the map. I am told to go Southwest. I click to the bottom left. I am told to go Northwest. A pixel hunt begins, broken up by resting. It never ends. I find nothing.
  7. At some point, I am told I can form a Royal Army and kill "my enemies". I see a Royal Army button, and click it. I can add tentacle monsters to my Royal Army. I do so. Nothing happens. I cannot tell why I am meant to do this, or how I am meant to kill my enemies.
  8. I finally give up on the forest, and start clicking randomly elsewhere. I find a tentacle skin near my house! I make dresses with these, right? No option appears to make a dress. 
  9. I check my Journal. It says I have 1 Tentacle Skin. The "Knowledge" button, which I eventually worked out was "Help", gives none. I explore again, and find another Tentacle Skin. I check my Journal. It still says I have 1 Tentacle Skin.
  10. I send my monster hunting, because he eats Food. He comes back with 1 Food, but is tired. After a while, he has 30 Stamina. Hunting costs 30 Stamina, so it should be fine. I send him hunting. Now he is Injured 10.
  11. Nothing explains what Injured means. I decide he will heal overnight, and go to rest. I check him again. He is now Injured 50. I cannot use him for anything. I use the Nurse option to make him less Injured. I still cannot hunt for food. He leaves.
  12. I get fucked and have a new tentacle monster. I continue to explore, hoping to trigger an event that will explain how to do something, anything. Every time I explore, I find nothing, or I find a tentacle skin that I do not "pick up" and cannot use, or I get fucked. If I get fucked, I get pregnant. If I am pregnant, I cannot explore. 
  13. My attempts to explore eventually bring me enough tentacle monsters that I physically cannot hunt enough food each turn. They drain my reserves, and run away in the night. I am left with a manageable number of monsters. I try to explore again. I get fucked. I cannot explore, and will soon have another monster.
  14. I should try going Northwest.

Please, for the love of fucking god, explain something. Explain ANYTHING. Maybe I'm a blind moron who needs his hand constantly held, but right now this game seems opaque and self-contradictory, giving no feedback and teaching no lessons, and doesn't make it easy to experiment independently. Just spell it out if you have to. That "knowledge" button is already there, and literally the only useful thing in the game right now - don't be afraid to expand it.

Oh, and the map scaling is fucked.

Long answer : All of this is to be expected with an ALPHA build. Most games are made public during beta stages of development, when most core features are implemented and somewhat complete. Alpha stages are more to be looked at like proof of concept, not like complete games and for most cases not even like the final game itself. A tutorial is very time consuming and a complete waste of time when you are still defining what the core features are and what they are meant to be.

My advice is to think of this release as an opportunity to watch the game evolve and grow as it yet has to grow before becoming the game it aims to be, like minecraft, 7DTD, ARK and many other indie games did before it. (example : in minecraft alpha you had to throw iron in a fire to make iron ingots, most of time leading to nothing as the ingots burned to nothingness. Also the giant steves were a ugly, giganormous pain, ruining your camps when they walked on it with their telescopic hitboxes of doom. Yet it was fair : it was an alpha build, made to share work progress and check in with people if what worked was cool.)

Short answer : nobody is a moron in this case, we are just looking at a (brace for personal opinion in 3...2...1...) very promising project that is still being fleshed out and therefore incomplete, as to be expected from an alpha stage of development.

Seems really nice for the most part but would it be possible to make it scale so that it'd show all of map with no need to scroll around at all instead of the weird way it works now where if I make the screen tall but thin it'll scale to show full height of the map or if I make the screen wide but short I can see horizontally everything and just need to scroll up and down.

Or if for some reason that's harder than it should be you could just make the map images smaller.

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